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如何找到高质量的咖啡豆(Online & In Stores)

How to find high-quality coffee beans





What does great coffee look like?


Arabica whole bean coffee

There are two main咖啡豆的类型: Arabica and Robusta. The highest-quality variety, Arabica, makes up most of the world’s coffee. Robusta beans, often found in blends, are lower-priced, more bitter, and have twice as much caffeine. If you’re looking for high-quality coffee, you’ll want to keep an eye out for 100% Arabica beans. You can read an in-depth description of all four types of beans这里.

赤道“豆皮带”咖啡生长 - 摩羯座和癌症的热带地区 - 跨越50多个国家。每个区域都提供不同的咖啡口味,因此如果您对尝试新的东西有兴趣,寻找巴西,越南和哥伦比亚以外的国家的咖啡,这是世界上最大的咖啡生产商。Brazilalone exported almost60亿英镑of coffee last year!

Just as important as where it’s grown is where (and when!) the coffee is roasted. Most exported coffee is shipped绿色, because as soon as it’s roasted, coffee begins tolose freshness通过与氧气接触。为了最大限度地减少烘焙和酿造之间的时间,在您或烘烤附近找到manbetx体育新闻烤肉,速度快速地送咖啡豆。

2.How to Find High-Quality Coffee Bags

Coffee Bros. packaging


Another freshness factor is whether you buy coffee ground or whole bean. You can’t beat the convenience of pre-ground coffee, but keep in mind that coffee beans begin to lose flavor as soon as they’re ground. For the most flavorful coffee, buy whole bean and grind it right before brewing. Don’t have a grinder? Check out我们的指导并选择一个!你也可以用它们杂货店and even big discount chains like Costco.

Have you ever noticed holes on the side of a coffee bag? That’s a one-way valve that lets carbon dioxide escape while keeping oxygen out. Look for vacuum-sealed bags with one-way valves for added freshness. Learn more about how to keep your coffee fresh这里.

Does high quality mean ethically sourced to you? There are two different seals to look for. TheOrganic seal, certified by the USDA, means that the coffee is grown without chemical pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones. TheFair Trade seal, certified by the Fair Trade nonprofit, ensures that coffee growers are treated fairly and have good working conditions.


Where can I buy it?

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to get shopping! But with so many options, where should you start?

high-quality coffee beans
Image credit: Unsplash


Buying coffee online is undeniably convenient. Click a button, and a bag of coffee shows up on your doorstep, just like magic!

A couple of our favorite roasters sell coffee directly online. For healthy, sustainable coffee, tryLifeboost’s impressive Nicaraguan beans(你可以节省50%!)。And if you want gourmet, roasted-on-demand beans, why not choose from火山的广泛选择?

Other great roasters to check out includeBlue Mountain Coffee,Counter Culture,Camber Coffee, and乔治豪威尔咖啡.

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Coffee Clubs

Driftaway Coffee Subscription

Looking for interesting coffee but don’t have time to shop? Coffee subscriptions are a great way to sample unique beans from different countries. They also make great gifts — even for yourself!

我们的选择是Driftaway Coffee(您可以阅读我们的评论这里). Other great options are阿特拉斯咖啡俱乐部(找到我们的评论这里),Trade(我们的评论是这里), and豆盒子(read the full review这里).

In Store

The range of options you’ll find in stores depends on where you live. If you live in or near a big city, chances are good that you’ll have plenty of great options. A bit farther afield? You may find a better selection online.

Have a最喜欢的本地咖啡店? Check if it roasts and sells its own beans. Most grocery stores also offer a good selection of coffee — just don’t forget to check the roast dates!

Bargain hunting?Costco.offers whole bean coffee at discount prices online and in-store.


Time to start brewing!

You can’t go wrong if you look for freshly roasted, whole Arabica beans. Whether you join a coffee club, check out your local coffee shop, or buy directly from a coffee roaster, you’re sure to find amazing coffee.


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