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french roast

如果你new to the coffee scene in modern times, understanding roasts can seem impossible. Between fancy “house” roasts to high-caffeine blonde roasts, the lines between traditional roasts and “specialty” roasts tend to blur. While there are three main categories of roasts, some within those categories are important to know. One of those is the French roast, which is quite popular in high-end coffee shops. Let’s break down what a French Roast really is and what sets it apart from others in the same category:



AFrench Roastis a type of dark roast that results in the darkest beans possible without burning them, achieving a smoky, bitter, caramel-forward taste with lots of oil and little to no acidity. French roast is often touted as one of the darkest of the黑暗的烘焙类别, roasted to the point of being burned. It takes an experienced roaster to make a good French Roast that doesn’t result in a burnt taste while successfully adding a smoky background. If a French Roast coffee tastes totally burnt, the beans were possibly burned or on a carafe burner for too long.

The Three Main Coffee Roasts



轻烤 - 棕色咖啡 -  beans_ruphoto_shuttertock
Image Credit: RuPhoto, Shutterstock

The light roast is the lightest roast of coffee with no oils on the beans when done roasting. It’s got a lot more caffeine than other roasts, little to no body, and high, bright acidity. Light roast coffee is great with pour-over and drip-brew methods, which help bring out the natural acidity of the roast.

Types of light roast:

  • Cinnamon
  • 金发女郎
  • New England
  • American (Medium-Light)

Medium Roast

medium roast beans

Arguably the most popular roast, medium roasted coffee is neither too dark nor too light, medium acidity, and medium body. There are a lot of “in-betweeners” like medium-light and medium-dark roasts. This roast does well with most brewing methods, making it versatile.

Types of medium roast:

  • City
  • High Roast
  • 全市(中黑色)

Dark Roast


热门烟雾缭绕,近烧焦的味道,黑暗的烘烤带出焦糖样味道,即中和轻的烤烟不能。这是冰咖啡和冷啤酒的最好的烤肉,因为它们都是暗的,可以处理冰融化。黑暗的烤肉最好French Press,热和冷煮。

Types of Dark Roast:

  • 全市(中黑色)
  • French Roast
  • 意大利烤肉


French Roast vs. Dark Roast

French roast is a type of dark roast, so it’s going to be darker than regulardark roast blends。如果您不习惯喝黑烤肉,我们建议首先尝试中型黑暗习惯味道概况。对于新的咖啡饮用者来说,法国烤肉会味道苦涩和烧焦。即使是一些经验丰富的咖啡爱好者也会因为它的脸部味道而传递法国烤咖啡。

French Roast vs. Italian Roast


coffee beans roast-pixabay
Image Credit: nataliaaggiato, Pixabay

French Roast vs. Espresso

The thing about espresso is that it’s more of the process of grinding and brewing that makes it espresso. That said, most espresso blends containRobustabeans, a type of dark and bitter bean that creates crema.Crema is the soft foamthat is crucial to espresso, soRobusta beansare often put in espresso blends. Dark roasts, French included, can pull decent espresso, but many coffee shops are extremely picky about their espresso blends.



French press
Image Credit: Rachel Brenner, Unsplash

选择A.high-quality French roast coffeeis as important as choosing the right brewing method. Brewing French roast correctly will mean the difference between a smoky, strong flavor and mud in a cup. Here are the best brewing methods from best to worst:

  • French Press
  • Cold Brew
  • Pour-over
  • Drip-Brew (tends to burn the most)

Featured Image: athree23, Pixabay


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